The First Task Chair With Automatic Tilt

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The First Task Chair With Automatic Tilt

The revolutionary design demonstrates that, even as the family of brands adds product breadth, Herman Miller continues to offer depth.

Designed by Berlin-based Studio 7.5, Cosm is Herman Miller’s first task chair with an automatic tilt. It also has the industry’s first suspension armrest. Initially revealed in Milan during Salone Del Mobile 2018, the chair will be available for order worldwide later this summer.

To experience Cosm is—as Studio 7.5 says—to forget gravity. And now people can have that comfort and support no matter how many settings they sit in throughout the day.

As more organizations move toward shared workplaces and workpoints, and people enjoy the freedom to choose the setting based on the work they need to do, one thing hasn’t changed: the need for ergonomic support. Cosm offers exactly this consistency, providing unparalleled comfort and performance, making it not only great for individuals, but also the ultimate shared chair. Cosm rapidly adjusts to whomever is sitting in it using its hidden “engine,” the Auto-Harmonic Tilt™—a culmination of two decades of design research and engineering that further deepened Herman Miller’s understanding of how people sit and work.

Auto-Harmonic Tilt(TM)
Hidden in Cosm’s gearbox beneath the seat is the technology that gives the feeling of balance and comfort. The Auto-Harmonic Tilt instantly and automatically provides continuous support and fluid movement corresponding to the person’s body, posture, and seated position. Other chairs on the market with automatic tilts achieve this simplicity by compromising the experience—relying on systems that cause the body to follow the tilt mechanism, rather than the tilt following the body. Cosm’s Auto-Harmonic Tilt is able to understand how much tension to provide based on the downward force exerted by the person and it provides the same experience for everyone, regardless of body type or seated position.

Iterate, Iterate, Iterate
Perfecting the tilt mechanism—to give users the seamless experience Studio 7.5 was aiming for—involved years of building and testing full-scale prototypes. Studio 7.5’s iterative process was similar to that of famed Herman Miller designers, Charles and Ray Eames, with a contemporary twist. Studio 7.5 built and tested prototypes in-house using a new 3D-printing technology blending aluminum dust and resin to create mechanically sound components. After countless iterations of 3-D printed prototypes, along with hand sculpting, tweaking, and testing, Studio 7.5 arrived at Cosm’s final form.

Suspension Material
Cosm’s ergonomic support goes beyond mechanics. The frame and fabric suspension work in tandem with the Auto-Harmonic Tilt. The continuous suspension material, Herman Miller’s new Intercept™, forms to each person’s unique contours, delivering dynamic, uninterrupted support. Intercept delivers thermal comfort while standing up to years of use. The hourglass-shaped suspension attaches to the frame, creating areas of high- and low-tension that provide comfort and support where it is needed most—regardless of body size or position in the chair.

An Industry First: Leaf Arms(TM)
Cosm’s arms also make it unique. In fact, the use of suspension material over a solid form make its Leaf Arms an industry first. Precision-designed for comfort, Leaf Arms cradle the elbow, supporting its delicate nerves even in a variety of positions. In addition, the angle of the Leaf Arms prevents them from colliding with work surfaces. For people who would rather have a more traditional chair arm, Cosm is also available with fixed arms and height-adjustable arms, as well as without arms.

Back Heights
Cosm is available in three back heights and as a stool, making it useful in a variety of applications. The minimalist low back makes it easy for people to turn around in the chair, inviting casual conversation and collaboration. This look, in the words of Studio 7.5, “integrates seamlessly within a landscape of work surfaces.” Cosm’s versatile mid back provides lower back and scapular support. The high-back version goes one step further, providing total spinal support and an experience of “offloading,” in which the body’s back muscles can relax fully due to support of the cervical and upper thoracic regions of the spine.

Cosm’s “dipped-in-color” aesthetic is unlike any other office chair. Achieving a precise color match on the metals, plastics, and fabrics that comprise Cosm was a technical challenge that required a great deal of color engineering. The results of these efforts are three all-over hues that are fresh and compatible with Herman Miller’s color palette for other products throughout the family of brands.

Cosm’s six shades—three new saturated hues and three classic Herman Miller neutrals—provide options for everyone. Canyon (a bright red-orange) is the boldest color, while Glacier (a soft, light blue) and Nightfall (a deep navy) serve as “new neutrals” in place of the neutral greys so common in today’s workplace. Cosm is also available in the more familiar neutral options, Graphite, Carbon, and White (dark, medium, and light shades of grey), as well as mix-and-match variations of all of the above.

As interior walls come down and sightlines open up, the dipped-in-color options allow designers to create visually interesting and harmonious solutions for floorplates of all sizes and layouts. The three colors, designed and curated by Laura Guido-Clark, Herman Miller’s Creative Director of Materials Innovation, are intended to “foster great connection, creativity, productivity and ultimately greater prosperity for all.”

Cosm will be available for order through Herman Miller’s global Dealer/Retailer Network and through beginning this summer. For more information on Cosm and Studio 7.5, visit

About Herman Miller 
Herman Miller is a globally recognized provider of furnishings and related technologies and services. Headquartered in West Michigan, the 112-year-old company has relied on innovative design to solve problems wherever people work, live, learn, and heal. With recognizable designs as part of museum collections worldwide, Herman Miller is a past recipient of the Smithsonian Institution’s Cooper Hewitt National Design Award and has been ranked number one on Contract Magazine’s list of “Brands that Inspire” for four straight years. Known and respected for its leadership in corporate social responsibility, Herman Miller has earned numerous global sustainability and inclusivity awards including the Human Rights Foundation’s top rating in its Corporate Equality Index for 11 years in a row. In fiscal 2017, the company generated $2.28 billion in revenue and employed nearly 8,000 people worldwide. Herman Miller trades on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbol



No Crying Over Spilt Milk with Clover’s New App

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Clover milks technology by adopting a disruptive, cost-saving turnkey solution   

Clover certainly isn’t waiting for the cows to come home – it has recently incorporated a proprietary App with stand-out features that is loaded onto a bespoke mobile device, with the aim of increasing efficiency within its client service and store merchandising network.

This turnkey solution was developed for the dairy giant by award-winning Cape Town-based software company, Morpheus Commerce ( Headed by CEO and Founder Gary Durbach, the company won an Apps Africa innovation award in 2017 and was a 2017 Finalist in the Digital Company of the Year category at the 15th annual National Business Awards. Previous and current clients include Red Bull, Tiger Brands, Bos Ice Tea and i-store.

For Clover, Morpheus Commerce crafted a breakthrough end-to-end solution that combines hardware and software.

“Most companies find managing and dealing with hardware really irritating and time-consuming,” explains Durbach. “This is because they have to manage a host of external suppliers from mobile network service providers, to handset suppliers, to insurance providers. The Morpheus Commerce solution takes care of all the admin, paperwork and supplier relationships, removing the headache for the client.” All support is digitized and requested and delivered through the App.

Morpheus Commerce tested eight different handsets before settling on the most rugged device – “we have actually thrown it on the floor a few times!” he chuckles.

He then negotiated to increase the handset’s one-year manufacturing warranty to two years. In the event of theft and the less likely possibility of damage, he brokered an insurance package that will hand-deliver a replacement for a missing or faulty handset within 24-hours so that representatives experience only minimal downtime.

Durbach has also created another unprecedented advantage: To ensure connectivity each device is loaded with dual SIM cards, one from Telkom, the other from Vodacom. Users can toggle between the SIMs, depending on their location, to achieve optimal signal coverage and reception. Special data packages were also brokered. Regardless of which, users don’t need to be online to be able to access the App.

Clover implemented the Morpheus Commerce solution in late February 2019 and can now monitor and track sales and stock-taking for over 1250 of its Merchandisers operating across the country, and in real time, too.

The benefits for the Merchandisers are clear, as daily tasks appear upon login, making the day’s work far more efficient. As each handset interfaces with centralized management, there is clear and mutual accountability for both parties regarding deliverables. On the management side, physical locations and movement of the field force can be observed in real time via a geolocated digital map and sales reporting and merchandising status updates are automated.

Says Manager of Sales Analytics at Clover, Hannes Pretorius: “We initially started with a beta-phase of just 10 Merchandisers using the Morpheus Commerce solution and then based on the demonstrated success, involving both increased efficiencies and cost-savings, we have now rolled it out across our field force.”

Morpheus Commerce has also created the ability for its clients to filter what the handset is used for, with the option to remove access to social media channels, such as YouTube, should the solution need to adhere to the client’s corporate code.

While Morpheus Commerce currently focuses on the retail and FMCG markets, its solution is relevant to a range of industries. Hospitals could incorporate it as a digital aid for Doctors’ rounds and ward inspections; corporate cleaning services could digitally manage their cleaning schedules; car rental companies could upgrade their car returns process by doing away with unnecessary tree-ware; and so on…

But just how efficient is it? Typically, explains Durbach, in a hypothetical company with just 100 sales representatives, each of those representatives will work approximately 235 days in a calendar year and make on average 10 calls a day. By using Morpheus Commerce, this same company would benefit from the following efficiencies:

  • Time is saved before each client call due to less preparation needed – this is all provided on the device
  • Time is saved on client calls due to the faster interface, gaining approximately 1 x hour of time per rep per day
  • Time is saved through automated reporting
  • Time is saved by placing sales orders directly via the device
  • Time is saved as there is a15% travel time reduction through planning
  • Costs are saved due to the 50% reduction in printed material

The result is an overall increase in efficiency and significant savings. Clearly, the near future can anticipate other companies joining Clover in this new wave of efficiency when it comes to distributed management.

Morpheus Commerce is not, as you first might think, named after the ancient Greek god of dreams – “although we do solve nightmares!” Durbach quips – but rather, it takes after the memorable character played by Laurence Fishburne in the Matrix movie franchise. In the fictional world of the films, Morpheus is the leader of rebel forces fighting to save humanity. In reality, Morpheus Commerce will save Sales and Merchandising Managers considerable time and money.

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Charissa Bloomberg | Psychologist & Integrity Specialist | Integrity Training

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Corporate Governance

Integrity Training for Africa

Did you know well-governed companies perform better in commercial terms? But how can leaders ensure their employees play the game by acting with integrity in all their dealings? Integrity training and learning from those who’ve suffered “lapses” should help to steady your ship and keep it out of turbulent waters.

Charissa Bloomberg, celebrity psychologist and integrity specialist, says the focus tends to be wrong – often on punishment and retribution – when big corporates make the headlines over matters of corruption and fraud; often just related to one or two corrupt individuals. Instead, she advises, we should become forward-focused and begin to instill integrity-conscious skills into individuals and, indeed, society at large.

Raising the integrity meter

Bloomberg offers corporate training through her business, Hidden Dimensions, which gives executives at all levels – from cleaner to CEO – advice on what integrity means and how to apply it in their everyday lives. She comments that her training is not focused on ethics (i.e. a set of moral principles that can be enforced), but rather on integrity (i.e. the quality of being honest and acting on your moral principles). She stands by the opinion that, without integrity, there can be no ethics.

Having integrity as your inner compass requires an inward conversation in which an individual looks at the various options available to them, and chooses the one that will be of most benefit and have the fewest negative consequences to all involved. In the business world, it can make the difference between losing your reputation and billions of rands; versus your brand being perceived in a postitive light and its coffers and reputation remaining in tact.

Government clean-ups

President Cyril Ramaphosa included in his State of the Nation Address several important strategies in the fight against corruption within government – specifically within state-owned enterprises and the education system. It has been a decade since the Scorpions were disbanded, but now Ramaphosa plans to set up a similar division within the National Prosecuting Authority to fight grand corruption and state capture.

This move has been big on restoring the institutional integrity that was almost destroyed under the country’s former president, and shows the importance of strong leadership, in government and business, especially in troubled times. Such lessons can be applied to troubled big corporates too, but a leader must not just say all the right things; he must also act in the right ways. He must, most importantly, follow through on what he has said.

Fixing the fall-out

Every second day, it seems, a big South African corporate makes headlines for its accounting irregularities or looting; its auditing inaccuracies, plagiarism or inability to treat customers fairly. Social media fuels the fire and, after an organisation has lost credibility in the public eye, former customers often take their business elsewhere.

For those who remain behind, it’s a hard road and a tough climb to rebuild a reputation that’s been damaged. Customers and suppliers tend to disassociate themselves with the organisation and staff leave to work for other companies.

While society wants retribution and punishment for corrupt atrocities, especially those involving the reckless squndering of hard-earned retirement funds, for example, Bloomberg advises that as a nation we should rather start to look ahead to a point where preventative measures have been implemented. How would we get to such a point? What needs to be implemented right now? How can we work towards such a situation in our daily lives?

Prevention is better than cure

Bloomberg is of the firm belief that we put structures in place to prevent such happenings in the first place; corporate training on integrity needs to become standard throughout all industries, covering topics such as what integrity is and how it should ideally be applied in our daily lives.

After an integrity lapse, the best modus operandi for remaining leaders is of course to:
• preserve staff who want to work towards a solution i.e. don’t eject the pilot/crew of a faulty plane. They are the most likely people to be able to land that plane safely;
• be clear, in media statements, about what’s gone wrong and how it is going to be rectified – which will earn the respect of remaining clients and suppliers; and
• emphasise good governance at every point going forward – it can overturn a rotten corporate culture like nothing else.

But prevention of a bad situation is obviously preferrable to actually getting into that situation in the first place. For this reason, she feels all employees at a firm should be able to experience integrity awareness training, during which they can sign the integrity pledge available here. Additionally, businesses of all shapes and sizes can elect integrity ambassadors and can also publicly reward staff who act with integrity during the course of their daily duties. Bloomberg laments that we need to be able to self-reflect on the choices we are presented with each day, so that we can set about making the right decisions – those that impact well not only on our own lives, but also on our colleagues, family members, neighbours, fellow citizens and so forth.

In the corporate training offered by her business, Hidden Dimensions, Bloomberg sets about helping to instill important skills in delegates. “Stop and think,” she cautions them. “Stealing, behaving unethically, other forms of greed and corruption – these things will always be temptations, but they will come back and bite you; hard. The organisation you work for, your family, friends and beyond.”

Beyond her group sessions within the corporate world, Bloomberg suggests that various dialogues are held, where organisations that have suffered integrity lapses can come together and discuss the lessons they have learned as they search for and strive towards a way forward. “As a psychologist, I believe we are a traumatised and angry society. An angry society is an aggressive and unhealthy one. It’s time to start rebuilding and healing the damage that the conscious corruption and unethical behaviour taking place in South Africa (and universally) has wreaked upon us all.”

A dialogue session focused on integrity lapses and how to move forward will lead up to Bloomberg’s first Integrity Forum for South Africa, taking place later this year in Cape Town.

Contact us

To book or find out more about integrity training for your company, contact Charissa Bloomberg of Hidden Dimensions on 082 737 8988 or; and sign her integrity pledge at this link:
For media opportunities, contact Vanessa Rogers of TextBOX Conceptual on 082 22 8496 or


Arebbusch Travel Lodge Conference & Function Facilities Wins A PMR Golden Arrow Award | February 2019

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Windhoek, Namibia – Hot off the press is the news that Arebbusch Travel Lodge, providers of quality and affordable accommodation and conferences and functions in a natural setting, have just celebrated receipt of a Golden Arrow award for their outstanding conference and function services they offer their clients.

Brainchild of, a consultancy and research company that’s considered a leading business information source on the African subcontinent, this award forms part of their suite of celebratory industry awards at a coveted annual ceremony.

The company aims to create, via their work, both an opportunity and a platform to hand over to excelling companies, institutions and individuals their coveted Diamond, Gold and Silver awards.

According to Robert Nienaber, marketing manager at Arebbusch Travel Lodge, he and customer relationship manager, Lizé Ackermann, were delighted to find themselves in line for this coveted award on attending the 25 February 2019 ceremony.

“On behalf of Arebbusch Travel Lodge, a big thank you goes out to the conferencing and function clients who have reviewed us so favourably and, is especially due, to our in-house team who have made it all possible.”

The three top categories of awards are:

• the Diamond Arrow, which is bestowed on a company for its effort in creating jobs, working towards social upliftment and attracting foreign investment;
• the Gold Arrow, which rewards local investment initiatives; and
• the Silver Arrow, which is bestowed upon a company for the significant work it has done in the tourism sector.

Event organisers,, have advised that these awards are the culmination of a research process whereby companies and institutions are rated based on respondent perceptions – with a significant focus being placed on evaluating and measuring customer service and satisfaction.

“After all, there is a successful team behind each and every successful and highly rated company, department or institution,” enthused the representiative.


Vanessa Rogers | Entrepreneur | TextBOX Conceptual

Cultivating a service spread!

While big corporates may have an ad agency in their corner when it comes to getting a press release out or managing a social media furore, the entrepreneurs and small business owners can feel stumped as to where to find editorial services that are affordable, proficient and reliable – especially when they start to grow and the owner can’t continue to do everything themselves.

Enter TextBOX Conceptual, an editorial-focused media business based in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, but which also assists clients throughout cities in Southern Africa (i.e. Johannesburg), Namibia (i.e. Windhoek) and even overseas, such as the Middle East (i.e. Doha). Its service suite, which has altered slightly and grown in number over the years, now includes:

• copy editing / proofreading;
• article writing / press-release writing;
• web editing, writing for websites;
• academic, book and textbook editing / proofreading;
• social media management / media liasion;
• project management /digital newsletters;
• a full public relations ensemble; and
• transcriptions.

Working alongside a select group of skilled associates and freelancers, owner Vanessa Rogers has clocked up over two decades in the print and digital media industries. She believes editorial providers should be adaptable, accurate and show keen time-keeping when it comes to deadlines. “You don’t want to start up a PR relationship with someone who can only write about one thing, because your own business offering may change significantly over time. Your copywriter or PR consultant should be curious and show a continuous desire to learn and explore what you do; they should be innovative and know how to research a topic to the point where you just can’t wait to add in your experts comments. Any agency can service a big corporate with a huge budget; it takes considerably more skill to write clever copy for the small guy, and to put it out there via your chosen contacts. Fewer correct and original press releases, published in appropriate media, are better than a multitude of inappropriate or error-ridden pieces. If possible, each press release submitted to a high-profile online publication should be an original or exclusive.”

While Vanessa strives to be as adaptable as possible, in terms of both the type of work she takes on and the industries she services, she confesses to harbouring a particular interest and affection for the work of entrepreneurs – as well as a belief in their importance within the South African economy. Entrepreneurs build new businesses, which then create jobs, heighten market competition and mean that productivity in those industries must rise to meet the passion of the keen new entrant. There is a positive feedback loop between innovation, entrepreneurship and economic development – if we could just add government support to the list, standards of living in South Africa would certainly rise for everyone, she believes.

If you’ve ever worked in a media role – either permanent or freelance – you will know how important it is to roll with the punches; and even more so in South Africa. For this reason, Vanessa has opted not to specialise when it comes to the industries she works for, but instead spreads her editorial know-how across healthcare (Natmed Medical Defence), parenting (TPPSA), medical aesthetics (Anaclinical), branding (Sporting Images), fitness (Roi Mas and Anaclinical Wellness), psychology and corporate training (Hidden Dimensions), travel (Suiteres, Arebbusch Travel Lodge & theLAB Guesthouses), online marketing (RN Group) and SEO/PPC (Savvy Sprout).

She says of her business: “I opened TextBOX Conceptual 14 years ago in 2005, following seven years in the mainstream magazine industry. My advice to those wanting to get into this game is to lay some groundwork in a few permanent positions and then, when you go on your own, to diversify, diversify, diversify. Also: cultivate a keen sense of humour. Hone your skills with short courses, read avidly and challenge what you know by networking as extensively as possible. This industry is not for the faint-hearted but the rewards of seeing your writing in print or online in promotion of people you believe in cannot be beaten!”



RN Marketing Agency | Digital Marketing Agency Opens With A Flourish

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Digital agency opens with a flourish

Under the Robert Nienaber Group umbrella, Suiteres – which opened in November 2017 – has been tasked with assisting accommodation establishments with their online marketing needs, while the newly launched RN Marketing Agency will focus on the online publicity needs of other economic sectors.


RN Marketing Agency is a fully integrated digital marketing agency with offices in Cape Town and Windhoek. It focuses on small-to-medium enterprises in South Africa and Namibia, but its talented people have set no limits on where their assistance may eventually extend.

Although RN Marketing Agency is passionate about the measurable nature of the digital game, its team is equally adept at assisting clients with their offline marketing needs – be they in the fields of medicine, wellness and fitness, sport, fashion, restaurants and fast food outlets, or something else entirely. The team gets excited, most especially, about launching and managing brands that are people-centred, because the personal touch sells well and fuels its own success through networking.


RN Marketing Agency employs the world’s most respected software –WordPress, Gloriafoods and Chidesk – which in combination work brilliantly across the board for individuals, brands and bigger businesses. While this software provides considerable clout, RN Marketing Agency is also keen to discuss bespoke on- and offline solutions for their clients.


This young but driven agency is the creation of Robert Nienaber, a respected Namibian marketing guru. After dedicating many years to the burgeoning industries of online marketing and tourism, Robert’s intention is now to consolidate his experience and passion, as well as the skills inherent in each of the Group’s divisions, under one banner.

A range of diverse talents mean RN Marketing Agency is able to offer a bouquet of management and consultancy services to interested brands and businesses in the region, with current focus areas being:

  • sports and fitness enterprises;
  • fashion;
  • healthcare providers, practices and practitioners; and
  • restaurant and fast food operations.

A list of current clients can be found here.


Team Robert Nienaber is driven to create internet marketing strategies for individuals, businesses and brands who wish to make a positive difference not only in their respective industries, as also in society at large. As a part of its effort to be the change everyone wants to see, RN Marketing Agency supports the interests of worthy causes in Africa and abroad by donating a portion of its sales to the Robert Nienaber Foundation.

Contact Details

To find out more about how RN Marketing Agency can benefit your brand or business, call +27 21 204 8163 or email


Robert Nienaber | Entrepreneur | The Nienaber Group

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If you were ever in any doubt, Robert Nienaber of the RN Group will set your mind at rest that entrepreneurship – on any scale – requires incredible quantities of energy, positivity and networking ability. 

Born, bred and schooled in Namibia, before completing his tertiary studies at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, Robert soon got stuck into a career in the burgeoning field of online travel marketing. First up, he worked his way through the ranks at Arebbusch Travel Lodge, Windhoek, until he was appointed head of the Lodge’s marketing department. Some years later, he decided to venture out with his own long-researched initiative, opening up Suiteres with partners Vanessa Rogers and Ivo Kittel, to offer channel management and a range of other specialised online marketing services to regional hoteliers and their accommodation establishments.

Of the launch of Suiteres, Robert says: “The company was born out of three core beliefs. Firstly, that tourism aids the world’s striving towards a global village; secondly, that the connectivity provided by technology should not be underestimated in much of the global progress the world seeks; and, thirdly, that it is time for hoteliers everywhere to take their own back – especially when it comes to the ‘rates wars’.”

Lacking a comprehensive avenue to read about and post news on Africa’s vibrant hospitality sector, and having come across many tourism players who were lamenting the very same thing, Robert next set about launching African Hospitality News. But, as demand grew, he and his team quickly realised there was not only a demand for news on the hospitality sector in Africa, but in fact a demand for news on all its economic sectors. “So we upgraded our offering to My African News, a comprehensive portal that provides updates on happenings throughout the continent, as well as those that might affect Africa, be of interest to people living here, or newsworthy for those living elsewhere but who are interested in happenings here. We have taken a highly inclusive approach,” he enthuses.

Next up, Africa Travel Guide was born, due to Robert’s belief in the positive benefits of tourism, but also because the industry is typically viewed from a country-specific angle. “The time has actually come for us to move past this and rather see tourism from a regional, even continental, perspective,” he explains.

And then, to organise these brands and businesses – along with a few others that are in the planning stages – Robert launched the RN Group. While Suiteres will focus primarily on hospitality, RN Travel will offer travel services and products, RN Fashion will represent the modelling and couture niche, and RN Marketing Agency all the others.

“Despite this growth into other sectors and markets,” explains Robert, “I remain vested in the industry I started off in; it will always be my number one focus. This is because tourism in Africa fosters understanding and closeness between otherwise divergent people, creates jobs that educate and alleviate poverty, brings ideas home from other parts of the world, nurtures entrepreneurship and, most importantly, helps to conserve the exquisite and unique natural wonders around us.”

Robert does not take many of accolades for his success personally but rather credits it to “the amazing individuals around him”. “With this team,” he concludes, “there are certainly exciting times ahead.”

For more about the RN brand, go to


FASTBOOKING & Suiteres join forces in southern Africa

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FASTBOOKING & Suiteres join forces in southern Africa

Fastbooking and Suiteres have partnered in southern Africa to assist independent accommodation establishments and chains in securing more direct bookings. This is relevant at a time when both the larger hotel groups and the online travel agents (OTAs) are squeezing the small guy; the partnership will help these important industry players compete on par in tough times.

They employ 200 people at eight global offices, with a head quarters in Paris, France. They’ve joined hands with 4 000 hotels in 100 countries worldwide, receive 10 million daily requests on their CRS servers and are party to 1.2 million transactions each year. Over the past 18 years, they’ve generated over EU 1.2 billion for their cluster of strategic partner hotels.

They are FASTBOOKING and offer an extensive array of cutting-edge e-commerce solutions to the global hotel industry, while striving to bring the digital traveller to each partner hotel’s physical doorstep. The solutions mentioned above include: a world-class internet booking engine, strategic integration with relevant metasearch engines, similar rate setup options as the OTAs, a cutting-edge campaign manager from which specials can be run and, last but not least, perfect integration with the Siteminder channel manager and/or the INNkeeper property management software.

In tough economic times when hoteliers are growing increasingly passionate about driving direct sales – thereby reducing their reliance on online travel agents – employing the FASTBOOKING software brings a measurable increase in direct sales within the first month of making the investment.

In southern Africa, Suiteres is the company’s official reseller; and also has strategic links to Siteminer and INNkeeper. Focusing its regional clout on integrated marketing solutions for predominantly South African and Namibian accommodation establishments, Suiteres sells on FASTBOOKING’s dynamic software to hoteliers on both a managed and a self-managed package basis; it’s all up to you how hands on you want, or have the time, to be.

In tandem, FASTBOOKING and Suiteres provide tailor-made strategies, ongoing advice of an expert nature and that sought-after increase in bookings generated from your hotel’s very own website.

For more information, please email Suiteres at or visit the Suiteres webpage on the Robert Nienaber website.


Arebbusch Travel Lodge Announces The Opening Of The Arebbusch Pizzeria & Grill in Windhoek, Namibia

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Square package, round contents, triangular portions… Confused? We’re talking about everyone’s favourite dinner treat – pizza, of course! – which is now on offer from the new Pizzeria and Grill at Arebbusch Travel Lodge in Windhoek, Namibia.

This popular Windhoek-based accommodation and conferencing venue is proud to announce a new attraction and clever addition to their established brand. All pizzas created at the Arebbusch Pizzeria and Grill are wood-fired, using stone-milled flour, while meat is locally sourced in Namibia to ensure top quality and freshness.

Initially, items from the Arebbusch Pizzeria and Grill will only be available to sit-down guests and room service clients, during trading hours of 12pm to 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays, and from 3pm to 10pm on all other days (unless otherwise stipulated), but mangement plans to add takeouts to the offering in due course. Reservations are, of course, essential. (*)

According to general manager at Arebbusch, John Williams, “Fresh salads will be offered daily in this area, while seating for the kitchen will be combined with that of the main Arebbusch Restaurant – significantly expanding on the number of people we can accommodate. This will be a great help when we’re inundated over the season or have a sizeable conference on the go,” he enthuses.

Prices for pizza range from N$ 90 to N$ 140, and extend to all the usual suspects from a Pita Bread or Margarita, right through to the Arebbusch Meaty for those who are staunchly non-vegetarian. You can also build your own pizza, from a selection of freshly diced ingredients.

At the grill, choose the cut of your choice (beef rump, sirloin, fillet, ribeye or T-bone) at a size to match your appetite (from 250 to 500g, depending in the cut). Priced from N$ 120 to N$ 190, each additional side (veggies, salads, sauces) adds just N$ 20. Two affordable non-beef options are the game sirloin (N$ 115) and the lamb chops (NS$ 130). There’s something for everyone!

And for the figure-conscious, just remember that even if your mind is steering you towards becoming a Victoria’s Secret model, your heart will still be chanting “pizza, steak, pizza, steak”. It’s always wise to follow your heart in these matters!

The small print

* The Arebbusch Pizzeria and Grill falls under the ambit of the Arebbusch Restaurant and, as such, all other Arebbusch Restaurant policies, terms and conditions apply. This means items available from the Arebbusch Restaurant – such as starches (chips), alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and deserts – can also be ordered when making use of Arebbusch Pizzeria and Grill facilities.
For more information or to make a booking, please call +264-61-252255 or email
All of the content contained herein is subject to change without prior notice.

Click on the images below to view the pizza and steak menus and to see images of some of the pizzas that are available as well as the facilities where they are made:

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PMR Hospitality Partners announces global merger with Valor Hospitality Partners

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CAPE TOWN, South Africa. – PMR Hospitality Partners, a South African-based award-winning full-service hospitality management and advisory company, is delighted to announce its merger with Valor Hospitality Partners, which was formed by Euan McGlashan and Steve Cesinger, in Atlanta, United States (US), in 2012.

PMR Hospitality Partners, formed in 2013 by Co-owners and Managing Partners Tony Romer-Lee, Euan McGlashan, Michael Pownall and Graham Wood, has grown substantially on the African continent over the past five years and will now operate as Valor Hospitality Partners Africa.

With four properties across Africa – including Spier Wine Estate, Garonga Safari Camp, The Lord Milner Hotel and De Hoek Country Hotel – PMR Hospitality Partners has an established portfolio of award-winning prestigious properties.

Valor Hospitality Partners manages more than 40 hotel projects on four continents (North America, United Kingdom (UK)/Europe, Africa and Asia) with another 10 properties in the pipeline. Most recently, Valor Hospitality Partners Asia opened an office in Bangkok, Thailand. Valor Hospitality Partners shares systems, processes, critical industry thinking and intellectual capital between senior executive staff and most importantly, global strategic leadership across the four continents. This unique offering makes Valor Hospitality Partners the most desirable purchase and ‘go-to’ management company for hotel owners.

Driven by a pioneering world-class guest experience, foundational employee culture and engagement, all wrapped in commerciality, Valor Hospitality Partners is committed to delivering strong owner returns.

With experiences ranging from small luxury boutique hotels and game reserves to independent resorts and city hotels, Valor Hospitality Partners has a diverse portfolio of exceptional properties.

Additionally, enjoying preferred management status and multiple international brand approvals to operate under franchise agreements, Valor Hospitality Partners is positioned to offer southern African hotel owners and developers significant commercial benefits via franchising rather than just brand-operated benefits or leasing.

Valor Hospitality Partners Founder Euan McGlashan noted: “We all realised that joining forces globally made perfect sense and, in a business where multiple management companies exist yet none with our full-service strength, professionalism and abilities, merging was a massive win – win for both parties. Our perfectly aligned core values of integrity, courage, transparency and tenacity along with our combined owner-centric views of delivering award-winning employee engagement and culture wrapped in a top- and bottom-line commerciality mindset, mean we could not be more pleased to have found a partner with such a strong cultural fit with a longstanding, highly regarded reputation in the hospitality industry.”

About Valor Hospitality Partners

Valor Hospitality Partners is a full-service hotel acquisition, development, management and asset management company offering an array of services including site selection, product selection, entitlements, financing solutions, conceptual design, construction and project management, procurement, technical services, pre-opening management and operations management. As a comprehensive service provider, Valor Hospitality Partners can be engaged to plan and oversee ground-up developments; refurbish existing properties and assist ownership in positioning; as it relates to decisions on remaining independent specifically, find and secure a brand or in some cases re-brand and re-position through franchise or asset management. Valor Hospitality Partners also offers consulting services on a wide range of project scenarios including working with new or existing ownership groups on reviewing site selection, assessing feasibility studies and project budgets, compiling project budgets and underwriting.

Valor Hospitality Partners Africa operates out of Cape Town and Durban, while Valor Hospitality Partners US operates from offices in Atlanta and Memphis; Valor Hospitality Partners UK/Europe operates from London and Valor Hospitality Partners Asia operates from Bangkok.

Valor Hospitality Partners is currently establishing a new office in Dubai to serve the Middle East, further establishing it as a truly global company with a significant and diverse portfolio of assets as well as deep and meaningful relationships with all the international hotel brands.

Find out more about PMR Hospitality and Valor Hospitality Partners by visiting the PMR Hospitality and Valor Hospitality Partners websites.